Cubes Scooby Snacks


Each package contains 5 capsules.  300mg Psilocybe Cubensis per capsule

Golden Teacher (300mg)
Panax Ginseng
Bee Pollen

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Whether you’re going on a hike, cooling out at the beach, at a concert, or simply having a night out with friends, consider a Cube to enhance your experience.

One way to think about Cubes are as an upgraded version of your traditional Scooby Snack. Formulated with the guidance of clinical herbalists to insure synergy and effectiveness; Cube capsules provide a smooth, stimulating sense of vitality, promoting a feeing of euphoria.

Take one capsule for a clean boost of energy and the uplift of your mood. On two capsules you’ll likely start feeling excited, social, euphoric and inspired. Three capsules or more provide the beginnings of a visual, psychedelic experience. Of course, tolerances and effects will vary, and your experience will be contingent on many factors. Best to start with one and go from there.

Additionally, some users report Cubes reduce the desire to drink alcohol and furthermore quell any anxiousness related to not-drinking.

So enjoy a great time, naturally, with Cubes.

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    CA CA
    Cube scooby

    Very clean uplifting experience

    Danielle B.
    Really fun guys

    These are the best scoobie snacks I’ve done. I ended up doing 2 capsules last weekend and had so much fun! Love the packaging.

    Sonny R.

    Amazing times on these. Only wish there was a bulk option.

    Stacey C.
    thanks dose

    Great customer service

    Sky W.

    These are a really good time! Been under a lot of stress lately. The Cubes really made me positive, open and full of energy!. They come on after about 30mins. I ate one and then a second one about an hour later and that was plenty. Can’t wait to do these in the summer!

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