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Neuro Botanicals most popular microdose formula.  This synergistic blend of Lions Mane, Niacin and Golden Teacher mushrooms, is designed to promote neurogenesis.  Also may help with symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.

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Neuro Botanicals most popular formula. A synergistic blend of Lions Mane, Niacin and Golden Teacher mushrooms, designed to promote neurogenesis. Results show Brain Formula to greatly reduce the symptoms of mood disorders while improving interpersonal relationships, outlook, and general well being. If your new to microdosing and interested in a wide range of benefits, this is where to begin your journey.

30 capsules per container


Lions Mane (Hericium erinaceus)……………….. 425mg
Golden Teacher (Psilocybe cubensis)………………50mg
Niacin (nicotinic acid)……………………………………25mg


*Sensitivity warning:  Niacin may cause redness, tingling, heat and itchyness on areas of the skin for some people.  This is the effect of the “Niacin Flush”.  Although it is temporarily uncomfortable it is totally safe.  If you experience this feeling while taking Brain Formula you can simply reduce your intake of Niacin in other forms (multivitamin, food etc).  Post menapausal women seem to be most likely to experience a sensitivity to Niacin.

Capsule quantity

10, 30

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    Diana F.
    CA CA
    Neuro botanicals brain formula

    I use these tablets off and on. Sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month, and I thoroughly enjoy them. I am 74 and have had much very positive experience in the past ( child of the 60’s) with psychedelics. I microdose to increase creativity (I am a painter) and to boost my spirit but because I am a pretty overall happy person I don’t require them for Bare an excellent product!

    Robbie R.
    CA CA
    Great stuff!

    Really loved the brain formula. Helped me to stay focused and energized. Would love to give them another shot.

    Nicole B.
    CA CA

    I was pleasantly surprised by the Brain Formula. It elevated my mood and I felt sharper and more clear headed. I highly recommend this formula.

    CA CA
    Combat brain fog and procrastination

    I work a desk job. Sometimes I really have to get down to business and punch out the numbers. But, my brain just doesn't want to. It just doesn't want to concentrate, it doesn't want to do the work, it will not cooperate. Not anymore! Since microdosing with Neuro Botanicals Brain Formula I get s*** done! I take 1 dose every 3 days and I'm more productive and feel great about it. My mood and memory has improved and long winter days haven't got me down like they used to. I give this formula 10 stars!!!!

    CA CA
    Clarity and calm

    A pleasant surprise—feeling even keeled for the first time in a while.

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