Puerto Rican Mushrooms


Puerto Rico Cubensis was first observed near the town of Canovanas located on the Northeast side of the island. This strain has been reviewed on several online platforms as exceptionally potent Psilocybe cubensis.

This strain reliably elicits feelings of euphoria, love, and connection to those around you, along with visual stimulation, deep introspection, and often a quite ‘mystical’ aura.  This makes it a versatile strain, suitable for either therapeutic or recreational use.

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Puerto Rican

I have been on anti-depressants for a very long time. My doctor didn’t think that Micro doses would be strong enough to impact the level of depression that I have been struggling with for as long as I can remember. But I still wanted to get off the meds and try to start finding alternative healing methods. Under my doc’s guide I was able to ween off of the prescription (over time) But along with slowly reducing my medication dosage I began introducing about 4g of mushrooms into my regime. Macro doses on a semi-regular schedule did something to my brain that I’ve never felt before. I would get to really profound places and could think of situations that no longer would bring me down to the depths of hell. I held a new perspective for life and living. I take the macro doses when I start to feel that feeling subside. Maybe every 4-5 months. I want the world to know about this. You don’t need to be trapped anymore. You can be free.

Anna T.

Fast and great delivery

I ordered these from Dose along with the Brain formula. Another thing that was in my order was out of stock and the team were fast and responsive. I love the brain formula and my experience so far has been profoundly positive! Cant wait to have time off in the woods to try these bbs.



Expect love in your heart and feelings of unity and interconnected. This strain is great for looking into yourself or enjoyed together with your friends. Everything seemed different when high on these. Was the world around me breathing? Is it always breathing and I just didn’t pay attention before? My senses are heightened and my intuition tightened. I loved everything I came into contact with. The world is so fulfilling when you stop to smell the roses and lay your head in the grass. The earth whispers sweet nothings about all that is actually important. I want to quit my day job and just be one with the nature that is our mother.


Ever danced naked under the stars high as hell on mushrooms? no.? …ya, do it. :) :) :) :)